School Fundraiser

Boat cruises for all students, parents, friends and relatives of ‘X’ School

  • 90 minute cruises separated by ½ hour
  • $10 per person? (other options are ice cream social $17 per adult/$12 per child or pizza party for $20 per adult/$15 per child-all food and non-alcoholic beverages included)
  • Pittsburgh Luxury Cruises will donate 30% of each order to the school of your choice. If you don’t see your school on here please ask an administrator to contact us to get registered.


  • Choose date
  • Promote cruise
  • Credit to parents for fundraising (if parents have a fundraising quota to meet.)

Pittsburgh Luxury Cruises

  • Provide boats, crew and time slots for cruises
  • Money to be designated to specific need-ie: upgrading technology, gym, etc. If you choose technology we will investigate the possibility of matching funds.
  • Attempt to find parishioner(s) or corporations/foundations to match funds.

Future/continuing revenue/donation stream—Any person who books a future charter cruise with Pittsburgh Luxury Cruises or Pittsburgh Cruise Lines and mentions ‘X’ school, PLC will donate 10% of the boat charter price to ‘X’ School.

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